John Bennett Teapot and Sugar Bowl

Congratulations to the winning bidder of the teapot and sugar bowl on!

After 30 bids the bidding concluded at at $1,950.00! Considering they won 2 John Bennett pieces, that was a bargain! They also now own something no other Bennett collector has (that I know of), a teapot and sugar bowl!

When I scour the net for John Bennett pottery, The term I use most is “John Bennett vase”. I have an order of search terms: John Bennett: vase; pottery; charger; plaque; chalice; jardiniere; lamp; tile; art tile; watercolor; bowl; pitcher; ewer and sketch.

Now I will add the terms teapot and sugar bowl! Again, congratulations!

I was recently communicated with Jill Fenichell of Jill Fenichell, Inc. Antique Porcelain & Pottery in New York. We talked about a vase that she once owned and sold and a few pieces that she has for sale now.

This is the vase the she sold in 2001-2002:

She also sent me images and info on pieces that she currently has, an Ivoryware vase and a pair of Copeland compotes. The compotes are beautiful and unusual for John Bennett. I haven’t seen anything like them before. She also has a Bennett Ivoryware vase (ivory porcelain), c1890, about 7 in. high.

Antique Pair of John Bennett-Painted Copeland earthenware Compotes, circa 1880
John Bennett (1840-1907), the charismatic ceramic painter who became the Director of the Doulton Lambeth Faience department, moved to the USA in the late 1870s; taught ceramic decorating classes in New York City and later moved to New Jersey.  On his maiden journey to New York Bennett  brought with him a supply of ceramic blanks which he decorated. The earthenware compotes bare impressed marks for the factory; the painting of the birds is signed Bennett, “Parrot” and “Cross. Beak Papa.” – 9 1/2 ins. diameter, 3″ high.

(I’m not sure of the asking prices)

For more information on the pieces that are available, visit her website at:

She can be reached at

Jill Fenichell Inc.
169 Prospect Place
Brooklyn NY 11238
917 302 1757

Thank you Jill for sharing the information and pictures.


Everyone have a Happy and Healthy

and Bennett New Year!