I have been inspired to start writing again, thanks to a note from Chris’s Wismar of Toms River, New Jersey, regarding a previously unseen (to the public) John Bennett vase.

I must say, from the images he sent me that it is an exceptional vase and I was very excited to see it. Mr. Wismar mentioned that he is contemplating selling this vase, possibly in an auction. The vase has been in his family for a long time and was gifted to him from his grandmother.


Of course, I pointed him to Rago Arts & Auction Center, located at 333 North Main Street in Lambertville, NJ. I explained that if I were selling a Bennett, that’s where I would want it.

The Rago Arts and Auction Center is a leading U.S. auction house with an international clientele. With sales of over $30 million annually  More…

This piece, 1881, is large (approximately 15-7″). It is of cream-colored earthenware, featuring the blossoms of a Clematis vine. It is very reminiscent, in style to the 1882 Bennett vase in the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. It uses the same intense color palette with a stylized sprig design (darker toned yellow over a mottled yellow ground). Also, like the Metropolitan vase, this one exhibits a rarely seen John Bennett double signature. One signature is on the bottom and one is on the side, making it visible when the vase is displayed.


John Bennett, vase, 1882, featuring pink and white dogwood branches.
Metropolitan Museum of Art collection

Stylistically it is also like the covered jar in the  Newark Museum

John Bennett, Large covered jar, 1881

John Bennett, Large covered jar, 1881

John Bennett’s American Pottery
Newark Museum
Covered jar with yellow ground, 1881
Earthenware with under-glaze decoration
15 3/4 in. high x 11 1/2 in. diameter
from Collection of the American Decorative Art 1900 Foundation

This vase is also similar to the Newport vases presented by The Preservation Society of Newport County. See our January 20, 2013 post, about the 59th Annual Winter Antiques Show. This post included The New York Times article, “A POTTER’S SECOND BLOOM” by Eve Kahn . Her article promoted The 59th Annual Winter Antiques Show in New York.


John Bennett vases from Newport, at the 59th Annual Winter Antiques Show in New York, photographed by the distinguished collector Robert Tuggle.

Here are more views of Mr. Wismar’s lovely vase:






A Bennett vase of this size and stunning decoration is sure to generate excitement to John Bennett lovers everywhere. From the images Mr. Wismar sent, the vase appears to be in excellent condition. I didn’t notice any imperfections and the photos did not exhibit signs of restoration.

If you are interested, Chris can be reached through email at or contacted by telephone at 732-619-6611.

If this vase goes to auction, I will write about it again. Thank you Chris Wismar for the inspiration to write. Good luck with your beautiful vase.

Best of The British

Sat 24 March – Sun 25 March

JOHN BENNETT charger, 1879

decorated with daisies and poppies enclosed within hearts


This is a piece that was sold in a Rago Arts Auction – Early 20th, September 2002

It was Lot 82 and the description was:”Fine JOHN BENNETT charger, 1879, decorated with daisies and poppies enclosed within hearts, in polychrome against a cobalt ground with black scroll design. Signed J Bennett/412 E24/N.Y./Oct 9/79, with an added curious inscription,”Wed last 100 degs in shade.” Dia.: 14 1/2″ The estimate: $2,500 • Price realized: $4,600

I contacted Alison Davey, founder of AD Antiques and she was gracious enough to send me photos. I have always wondered about the inscription “Wed last 100 degs in shade” and asked her if she could send a photo of the back so we could see it.

Alison Davey wrote “Whilst I know very little about the work of John Bennett other than his links with Doulton (hence my interest as I am a specialist in British Art Pottery) I found the charger that I have in my possession absolutely charming; it is priced at £2000 and I think that it represents good value for money.”   (£2000 = $3,171.80 US dollars)

Sat 24 March – Sun 25 March

“Best of British” Ceramic Design from 1870

A selling exhibition from AD Antiques. The Exhibition will feature
Fine British Art Pottery by Factories and Designers such as William De Morgan,
John Bennett, Martin Brothers, Wedgwood and Della Robbia

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JOHN BENNETT charger, 1879

Back of charger

Inscription “Wed last 100 degs in shade”

Back of charger, detail

This is a beautiful John Bennett charger. To me it looks like a stained glass window with clear hearts, looking onto flowers outside.



I’d like to thank Alison Davey, of for sharing this
and also for introducing this piece in 2002.

For more information about this piece visit
or contact Alison Davey.

By Email

By Telephone
+44 (0) 7811 783518

By Post
Alison Davey
PO Box 51, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, UK
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I was recently communicated with Jill Fenichell of Jill Fenichell, Inc. Antique Porcelain & Pottery in New York. We talked about a vase that she once owned and sold and a few pieces that she has for sale now.

This is the vase the she sold in 2001-2002:

She also sent me images and info on pieces that she currently has, an Ivoryware vase and a pair of Copeland compotes. The compotes are beautiful and unusual for John Bennett. I haven’t seen anything like them before. She also has a Bennett Ivoryware vase (ivory porcelain), c1890, about 7 in. high.

Antique Pair of John Bennett-Painted Copeland earthenware Compotes, circa 1880
John Bennett (1840-1907), the charismatic ceramic painter who became the Director of the Doulton Lambeth Faience department, moved to the USA in the late 1870s; taught ceramic decorating classes in New York City and later moved to New Jersey.  On his maiden journey to New York Bennett  brought with him a supply of ceramic blanks which he decorated. The earthenware compotes bare impressed marks for the factory; the painting of the birds is signed Bennett, “Parrot” and “Cross. Beak Papa.” – 9 1/2 ins. diameter, 3″ high.

(I’m not sure of the asking prices)

For more information on the pieces that are available, visit her website at:

She can be reached at

Jill Fenichell Inc.
169 Prospect Place
Brooklyn NY 11238
917 302 1757

Thank you Jill for sharing the information and pictures.


Everyone have a Happy and Healthy

and Bennett New Year!