January 2015

John Bennett Teapot and Sugar Bowl

Congratulations to the winning bidder of the teapot and sugar bowl on ebay.com!

After 30 bids the bidding concluded at at $1,950.00! Considering they won 2 John Bennett pieces, that was a bargain! They also now own something no other Bennett collector has (that I know of), a teapot and sugar bowl!

When I scour the net for John Bennett pottery, The term I use most is “John Bennett vase”. I have an order of search terms: John Bennett: vase; pottery; charger; plaque; chalice; jardiniere; lamp; tile; art tile; watercolor; bowl; pitcher; ewer and sketch.

Now I will add the terms teapot and sugar bowl! Again, congratulations!

John Bennett Teapot and Sugar Bowl


JB_ebayTeapotCreamerI was very excited to come across this on ebay as it is the only teapot and sugar bowl I’ve ever seen from John Bennett! They are extraordinary and would certainly start a conversation when serving guest in your home or gallery! One lump or two?

I’m sure a John Bennett collector, family member or museum will be thrilled to have it in their collection. They are stunning!

This lot will conclude tomorrow, Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 9:22 pm.  I apologize for the late notice. I just came across it last night. On the site the lot is referred to sometimes as  a “teapot and creamer”.  This is an easy-to-make mistake. It’s clearly a teapot and sugar bowl and there isn’t a creamer. The description has it correct but some of the titles have the mistake. It would be great to get a picture of the teapot and sugar bowl in its new home! Good luck with the bidding!


NO RESERVE! Fresh from an estate on Bangor, Maine. The sugar bowl measures 6″ tall and 5″ at its widest diameter. The teapot also measures 8.25″ at its widest overall point (spout to outside edge of its handle) while the sugar bowl measures 5″ tall and 4.5″ at its widest diameter.

The set is being sold on ebay.com by seller “ryanjordan71”. “ryanjordan71” is the ebay.com arm of Gould Auctions, from Smithfield, Maine. The owner, Tim Gould was kind to share his images with us.

ryanjordan71 shows zoomed-in pictures of the pieces and describes the condition as:
“The teapot has a hairline crack at an area of its main body directly atop where its spout enters the pot (see photos)… otherwise the teapot is SUPERB and without damage throughout. The top finial of the sugar bowl has been at one time detached and “glued back” into place… otherwise the sugar bowl is SUPERB and without damage throughout.”

I don’t believe these areas should effect the price much.

All of the large images are linked to this sale and the links will probably quit working soon after the bidding concludes. I inserted a gallery near the bottom which isn’t.























I do not have the rights to any of the images used in this article. The images of the pottery were shared for this article.

Special thanks to Tim Gould for sharing the images, ebay and Gould Auctions in Smithfield, Maine.




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