A John Bennett art tile is currently listed on ebay. It is listed on ebay here.

The tile is connected to a published set I wrote about a couple of years ago.

That set appeared in the book American Art Tile 1876-1941 by Norman Karlson (Sep 15, 1998)

That article is archived here.


Tiles_Bennett in American Art Tile, Norman Karlson, -2The Quixote art tiles above appear in the book.

Below are pictures the seller has posted on ebay. I have linked all the pictures to the page on ebay. When the auctions ends the links may not still work.



JB_20 JB_19








It’s very rare to find John Bennett art tiles. I was happy to see this one!

The tile is a large 7 7/8″ square, unlike the tiles in my collection which are 6″. It also uses letters in the background, just like the tiles in the book. As the the Delftware like blue sketch is on a white background, it does show some browning, crazing and minor chips. Perhaps we don’t see this often in his other works because of his intense use of color and decoration. The tiles from this series, a departure from his typical style are simple sketches and are mysterious with the letters in the background. Of the series of Quixote tiles, I really like this one because the two main characters, Don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza appear on the same tile.

The auction ends in a couple of days (May 29, 2014 ). Good luck!